Alchemist salutes big guts and ear wax

28 02 2010

Alchemist Sustainable, Casual Apparel for Outdoor Athletes.

Alchemist has seen the belly, and it is good.  Anyone watch Steve Holcomb pilot the Night Train to the first American bobsledding gold in 700 years?   I do believe that guy is my hero.  Standing next to his teammates, he looks like an Ooamp Loompa.  He’s about a foot shorter, and a a couple feet wider.  but that dude kicks ass.

I found this among a stack of pictures of human excrement in my box at work.  The night nurses thought it would be funny. I’m rather fond of this particular one.  It’s posted at my work station right now. F’ck yeah, I’m a doctor!

Yesterday, I was getting hammered with folks who took the same bus to the ER. In the middle of that, I went to see a lady who couldn’t hear.  She couldn’t hear because her ears were full of wax.  Full of it.  Big, gooey, chocolatey gobs of wax.  After rounds of Colace and Peroxide, the ear wax still had not budged.  The lady grew more impatient and frustrated that the nurse couldn’t get her wax out.  So I, with the ER falling apart around me, sat down and wrestled with that derned wax myself.  After suction, a couple curettes, high pressure peroxide irrigation, and a handful of four letter words, I plucked a couple boulder-sized wads of cerumen out of her ears.  I asked her if she could hear now, and she asked me to stop yelling at her.  Aah, yes.  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we actually do make people better.  Validation of my time here on Earth, and I’m savoring it like Steve Holcomb is enjoying his gold medal.  It was, in no small measure, my own gold (or yellowish-brown with ear hair mixed in) medal.

Okay, so this blog had nothing to do with t-shirts, the environment, or alchemy, but I never promised that.

But you can still check out Alchemist at when you are bored.  Product should be here in a few more weeks.  Yeehaaa!



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