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8 03 2010

Alchemist Threadworks team (you are considered part of the “team” now),
If you guys are willing and able, you can add and this blog to your blog links or website (if you have one).  Or you can just choose to follow it.  Drew, thanks for the idea and adding us to the Justin’s/Titus team blog (  Shameless self-promotion, I know.  But I have to take advantage of what few friends I have. 

Big props to Sue and Ross for cranking out another beautiful baby girl.  Strong work, Sue. 

Interestingly, “No One Cares That You Tele” bumper stickers and T-shirts from the old Spare Tire Cycling store is still selling.  It seems to have gone kinda viral.  I just mailed out an order to a guy in Washington for three stickers. We started with 100, we’re down to about 10.  I’ll have to reorder soon.  Dan and I own the trademark for “No One Cares”.  We keep seeing other folks doing it, so now we are actually in a position to start enforcing the mark.  Del, you think you would be able to draft us a generic letter to all the No One Cares wannabes?  It’s good to know an honest mechanic, and it’s good to be cousins with a good lawyer. 

Thanks, all.




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8 04 2010

Can you do a "No one cares you fixie" (SP?).

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