Alchemist Team kit

12 03 2010

Finally hammered out the shorts for the Alchemist Team kit. 
As before, it’s not for sale, but I might post it on the website just for grins.  Until then, it can only be found on the blog.  Personally, I like it.  But knowing me, I might change my mind and mix it all up again.  I’ve learned that I need to sleep on a design and let it stew for a while before I’m happy with it.  If I have this nagging feeling that something just ain’t right, I usually end up changing the design until that feeling goes away.  Right now though, I’m pretty happy with it.
Off the subject, Jake takes great joy in peeing in the outdoors.  Takes after his father.  Just between you and me, sometimes I go around the side of the house to pee on the apple tree instead of going in the toilet.  Jake likes to go right off the front porch.
I got a lot of response and feedback to the spam I sent out yesterday.  Interestingly, one person pointed out that “ladies” is a less than flattering term.  I didn’t know.  So anyway, now the women’s line is “chicas”.  Other things I considered were Bettys, Bitches, and Ho’s.  I may just call it “women” to avoid any controversy or confusion. 
aah. still waiting for the shirt to come in.



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