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22 03 2010

Another night shift, another Alchemist blog.

Kind of a mixed bag tonight.  On one hand, it was disappointing in that I had a guy come in with a big ole infected cyst on his forehead.  That wasn’t the disappointing part.  I was bummed that I couldn’t make that juicy volcano erupt.  He had already gone for it at home with a thumbtack (His girlfriend reprimanded him for the act, and gave him plenty of shit for it.  So I, naturally, defended him, explaining that if there is a big, fluid filled sac of something on my face, I’d also be tempted to try my hand at popping it).  So I took a big-ass needle and went at it myself, which in truth, was not much different than him using a thumbtack at home, except that the needle and my technique were marginally cleaner.   I poked and squeezed, poked and squeezed, and all I got was a little creaminess.  But I could just feel that thing wanting to pop.  I worked it until it was big and angry and well, bloody.  I felt like I was a teenager again, lamenting another ill-fated attempt at instant gratification, only to be standing in front of the mirror with a big, hot, red, seething mother-of-a-pimple.  At least it wasn’t my face this time.
The good part of the night is that it wasn’t as busy as I’ve become accustomed to.  In fact, the staff actually thanked and congratulated me on my relatively bearable evening.

I’m working on a new website complete with flash and all kinds of fanciness.  Once I have my shirts in hand, I hope to get some pro pics and have some eye-candy shots on the site.  I met with a talented photographer today.  You can check out his website at  His site is in the links section on the side of the home page too.
My current website has been been getting quite a few visits.  I don’t have that many friends, so I’m not sure where they are coming from. But it’s pretty cool.

Looks like Rudy Project is out as a sponsor for Team Alchemist.  They weren’t impressed by my 2008 men’s sport 30-35 short track state championship.  I had to beat a guy with one leg and an asthmatic to win that one.  If only the Rudy folks knew what i had to overcome.  But really, they should have been impressed by Ken’s Clydesdale 12 hour enduro WORLD championship. He’s the champion OF THE WORLD.  In any case, since it’s my team, and I can do what i want, I decided to add “Kreidl Ophthalmology Racing” as a sponsor since Ken hooked me up with glasses and sunglasses.  Sounds fast, doesn’t it? I made a logo just for him too.  I’ll post it next time, since words don’t do it justice.  But it looks like a big flaming eyeball.  I imagine that should drum up a ton of business for him.

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27 03 2010

That was nasty! Sorry you didn't get it to de-juice. It would have made my day if it had been me doing it.

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