Alchemist Threadworks is LIVE!

24 04 2010

Boulder is cold and wet and windy.  Crappy weather all around.  It rained and snowed all day and it’s still going into the night. The only that makes me feel warm and fuzzy right now is the supreme awesomeness sitting in my basement right now.   I’ve finally got the shirts in, and they look killer.  Photoshoot on Monday, and hopefully get some sweet pics on the homepage too.  But the website is officially live.  I’m bristling with anticipation, and giddy with excitement.  It’s on!  If you are trying to look busy at work, check out the website, but turn down the volume cus it’s got bangin beats to go along with it.  The Sprouts section looks overly bright to me on my screen, so I’d like to hear what anyone is seeing before I fix it.  Feel free to cruise the website, and play around with the tabs.  I want to know if you hit any bugs or snags.  You can even buy something now, but don’t just yet.  I still need to work out a couple kinks on the purchasing end. Plus, there will be a 20% off coupon coming down the pipe.
Thanks everyone!



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