3 06 2010

Been spending a nice few days in Houston with the fam.  Needed the break after the Memorial weekend ER sufferfest.  Anything to restore my faith in humanity.  With Busse climbing Denali, I’ll have more shifts in June.  I don’t know how guys like Ron and Drew and Dan do it.  I’m such a sissy about having to work more than a few shifts in a row.  Any more than that and I start whining incessantly about how my candy ass is getting roughed up. Better toughen up my calluses.

 The Wu’s and the Kreidl boys took a trip to NASA today. It’s way different than when i was a kid. Totally blinged out.  It’s got the most ridiculous play structure you’ve ever seen, and lots of cool games.

Right now I’m up late blogging and watching Terminator 2, and I cant help thinking there is inspiration for a t-shirt in that movie.  “Hasta La Vista, Baby”, of course. “I’m a hairless android from the future.  I’m made of a liquid metal alloy yet to be invented yet. And I’m here to sex you up!”

I just saw the “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” commercial.  Certainly there’s a t-shirt in that.

Claire helped me fill another order today.  It will be interesting to see what happens when the Mountain Flyer ad goes live.  Is there a market for an edgy organic t-shirt company with a little rock and roll and a little urban hip hop?  I guess we’ll see. 



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