Helium and Heart Attacks

7 06 2010

On the first shift of five in a row.  Can you imagine having to work five days in a row?  Like OMG! No one works that many days in a row! Yeah, I know, stop the belly-aching, some people work every day of their lives.

Had an interesting case this morning.  Fella brought in for altered mental status.  He was found unconscious in a parking lot.  Paramedics gave him a little narcan to wake him up, and he started complaining of chest pain.  He ended up having a big time MI (heart attack). Turns out that the guy had a full tank of helium in the back of his car, and he had been huffing it.  I remember whippets, but I don’t remember huffing helium except to make my voice sound like Mickey Mouse.  But this guy was serious about it.  I suppose he was so intent on getting high from helium that he asphyxiated from it (because it displaces oxygen), and that induced his heart attack.  He should probably stick to more legitimate ways of getting high.  As manifested by the above pic, helium doesn’t lead to anything good.

Looking forward to the Mountain Flyer ad coming out later this month.  Look out for it.  Claire will be pounding the pavement soon to market the Alchemist Threads.  The plantable, seeded tags are looking good.  They will be adorning the shirts in the future.  We’ll be doing some trade with Bloomin’. Shirts for tags.  The design is in the works.  Will post later.

As promised here is the mock-up of the much anticipated Walt Works t-shirt.  Will try to get as close to team colors as possible.   Will be available 0n AlchemistThreadworks.com this summer.

Got a little hitch in the plans for the rest of the other planned designs for the summer.  It looks like the printer platens to do the full frontal designs are too expensive for our printer to purchase at this time.  They don’t forsee enough usage to justify the expense, so some of the designs like Alchemist Wings  and Boss Hogg are on the back-burner or will need some modifications .  When Alchemist goes supersonic, and we are printing many thousands of shirts, then perhaps, they can drop down and buy the necessary platens.  but until then, we’re back to more traditional printing placements.



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