Near fatal emboli and short track

15 06 2010

Saw a fella the other day for passing out at home.  He was visiting from out of town, and he just “done fell out” in his son’s kitchen.  Had some nausea, but otherwise, he had no complaints.  Did a bunch of testing in the ER, and ended up admitting him to the hospital just cus.  Got a call from the admitting doc today to tell me that he ended up having a big ol’ saddle pulmonary embolus.  The kind that causes otherwise healthy folks to drop dead in their tracks.  Whew, that was a close one.  Makes me want to sell more t-shirts.

Forgot to give props to Ken for his short track win last Wednesday.  He had ridden super West Mag right before.  For those who don’t know, Super West Mag starts in Boulder, goes up Magnolia to West mag.  Single track at West Mag, then back to Boulder.  Around 5 hours of riding and probably around 7000 feet of climbing.  He came home, switched bikes, and then threw down on the rest of the men’s C’s at short track.   He’s on left side of the mass start (right side of pic) in the old STC jersey (#135). Soon that will be an Alchemist jersey.  Ken won a tiny $3 fish taco from the taco truck.   I’m used to the Philly food trucks.  For $3, I’m used to seeing a massive pile food.  How did I do? Well, I lolligagged most of the race then dropped my chain twice and finished somewhere in the middle.  But I was wearing the best (read, only) t-shirt.



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