Defibrillators, Burgers, and Super Hall

19 07 2010

In follow-up from the follow-up from the last post.  Mr. “I-died-and-lived-to-tell-about-it” had clean coronary arteries on his heart cath.  But he did get an internal defibrillator.   So the next time he spontaneously goes into a lethal rhythm, he’ll get a heavy dose of electricity directly to Grand Central Station.  It boggles the mind that you can be out shopping with your wife, laughing and joking, and the next thing you know, you’re dead.  Whose twisted sense of humor is responsible for that?

Have you received your latest issue of Mountain Flyer in the mail?  If you haven’t, borrow or steal it from a friend, or you can just go buy one.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  It’s the king of bike porn.  When you get your hands on that silky stack of prose and photos, turn to page 97.  You see it?  Oh yah, U betcha!  It’s the most beautiful right-side-of-a-page I’ve ever seen too.

Last week, Team Alchemist rode out to Super Hall.  Left from my garage in the ghettos of East Boulder, rode to the Boulder Res, through the trails of Boulder Valley Ranch, up 36 to Left Hand Canyon, Over Heil, down Picture Rock, up the back side of Hall, around the lollipop, down the front side, then back the way we came.  Some of us on 27 gears, some of us on one.  Finished at Reuben’s Burger Bistro for a decadent feast of gourmet burgers, beer , and fried foods. That area behind the fence is actually a bike stable where you can park your steed before stepping into the eating area.  We rolled in with dirt on our legs, salt in our hair, and sweat in our chamois.   But it was cool.  Reuben’s burgers are tributes to monuments of cycling, with names such as the Paris Roubaix, Alp d’ Huez, Eddie Merckx.  So grungy, spandex clad folks like us were welcome to saddle up.

Excuse the mess of photos, but it’s just easier that way.  4th pic is with Nejla and Dave, who are from Austin, TX.  They joined the Super Hall ride without any idea of what they were getting into.  Big props to them for crushing it.  Amazing.  The last is a vid of me rockin’ the technical terrain of Hall Ranch.  No doubt, it will remind you of a Danny MacAskill video.



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20 07 2010
Vivienne Palmer

“Sweat in our chamois”. Ew. TMI.

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