Snakebites, Bike Video and World Domination

9 08 2010

Saw a lady who was minding her own business on a hike in El Dorado when a snake done bit her in the leg.  Commonly, the snake is often brought in with the patient, usually decapitated.  Her boyfriend sheepishly admitted that the snake got away, and that he didn’t chase it down.   If my family member was bitten by a snake, I’d be out for blood. However, the truth is, going after a venomous snake is just stupid.  More likely than not, you’ll just end up with two snake bitten patients.  In any case, this lady was lucky.  She was close to the car when it happened, so she got antivenom pretty quick, and she did fine.  It was nice not having to deal with another weak and dizzy.

That was more fun than getting the mal de ojo from the parents of a 3 week old with a fever after I told them I had to put a needle in the kid’s back.  It ‘s a great way to garner instant hatred. ” Hey, I’m Jeff.  I’m going to jab a needle into your newborn’s tiny little spine.” No matter how tight the nurse holds the kid, they always seem to be able to wiggle around.  Hitting a moving target is always fun.  I’m not religulous, but I certainly wanted to thank someone when I hit paydirt on the first pass.

Rode up to West Magnolia with Stuart on Saturday.  Tried out the new helmet cam.  Got some vid of Stuart and Dennis rippin it up.  It’s bumpy, I know.  I might try the camera on the handlebar next time.  But the last bit through the aspen grove is cool.

Claire just got back from Outdoor Retailer on Friday.  She will be debriefed tomorrow, but it sounds like a good time was had by all.  She even rode in a cruiser ride. sponsored by kickstand magazine and Green Guru.  We are meeting with the Green Guru folks this week to talk about “stuff”.  Check em out.  They have some pretty sweet gear.  All of it eco-friendly.  All of it stylish.  Perhaps an Alchemist/Green Guru messenger bag in the future?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the consipiracy theory thought up by the republican gubernatorial candidate, Dan Maes.  He believes that the Bike Share program in Denver is really a front for ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives).  Apprently, ICLEI is trying to take over the country and enslave all the republicans.  “This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms.”  Shockingly, Maes is leading the polls coming into Tuesday’s elections.  In honor of Maes’ astute observations, I created a new design for him and all the fanatical Tea-partyers out there.  (Yeah, Sarah, I’m talking about you too. Perhaps a long-sleeve version for the folks in Alaska?)  So raise a glass to Danno.  Here’s to hoping you can pull through in the primary, bud.  If you do, this shirt will be a best-seller.

It’s now 2am.  A fella just signed in with a dire emergency.  Chief complaint: “Unable to sleep”.  That makes two of us.



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9 08 2010

F*cking rad!

9 08 2010
Vivienne Palmer

What’s the deal with the picture of the nasty eye? I’m guessing it is an illustration to the “mal de ojo”. Given that I no habla espanole, I imagine it is the Spanish equivalent for “Pain in the ass”. I was hoping to hear about a gnarly eye wound rather than a spinal tap on a three week-old. Poor kid. Good thing he had you as a doc.

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