Westword Buzzzz

19 08 2010

Seems that we’ve caused something of a stir in the cycling community.  Westword, the Denver-based publication and venerable soapbox for all things interesting, has an article in the next print about Danno and his verbal, velo blunders.  The article is, in a word, mothergrabbin’ hilarious.  Okay that’s two words.  The photo at right was borrowed (or stolen, depending on how much of a tight ass you are) from the feature.  But you can tell I didn’t shoot this pic for a number of reasons:

1. Vladimir Lenin is dead.

2. I usually avoid Bolshevik revolutionists when choosing shirt models.  They tend to be over-bearing, prissy prima donnas.

3. I will never make a v-neck t-shirt (at least not for a man).  If you choose to look like Michael Jackson, look elsewhere, buddy.

But I highly suggest checking out the article.  I pee’d my pants, twice, while reading it.

“Bike Share” is now available for pre-order on the Alchemist site.   100% organic, ring-spun cotton.  Itch-Free, tagless label.  Phthalate-Free ink.   Plantable, seeded hang-tag.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Available in men’s and women’s.   Expected arrival date of Sept 21, 2010. For the folks who can’t squint hard enough to read the type, it goes like this: Bike Share is the Gateway to Sinister World Domination. “This is bigger than it looks on the surface . . .” -Dan “McCarthy” Maes.

This is a limited edition design.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.



One response

19 08 2010
Byron C. Cherry

Jefe (if it is indeed Jeff Wu who is the author)-

The picture is of Vladimir Lenin (vice Stalin). I can not speak to whether Lenin ever actually wore on of your shirts, however. Seems doubtful.


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