Breck Epic, day 0

21 08 2010

This one will be short since it’s late, and I need to get my beauty rest before stage I of the Breck Epic tomorrow.

Ken and I, we broke up.  It’s cool though.  We’re still friends, and we still hang out, like all the time.  He wanted to try his luck with the big boys.  And I mean BIG boys.  Clydesdales.  200# or more.  He had to beef up a little to get there, but heck, I think we all know that’s the easy part.  Me?  I’ll be doing a lot of standing up on the pedals.  I switched to my trusty single speed Bontrager.  And there is a lot of climbing to be done in this race.  My bike is the one that looks like a clown bike next to Gigantor.  #25.

Last year, the first day was a short time trial, prologue if you will, up from Carter Park to Iowa Mine.  This time, Mike got serious.  Pennsylvania Gulch is tomorrow.  For those of you familiar with the Firecracker 50, Penn Gulch is like that course, but more.  Same start up Boreas Pass. Same ridiculously heinous grunt up Little French Gulch.  But Mike threw in a couple extra loops and detours to round out the mileage at 42 miles.  6100 feet of climbing.  We actually know most of this trail pretty well because of the Firecracker, so most of it won’t be a surprise.  But that doesn’t help you get up the hills.

Missing Sue and the kids.  It’s darned quite around here.  But it’s nice to be away from the ER for a bit.  The last shift I had was the ER at it’s finest.  I admitted the following folks to the hospitalist: intractable vomiting of unknown etiology, generalized weakness of unknown etiology,  confusion of unknown etiology,  too old to take care of themselves anymore–of known etiology.  They were too old to take care of themselves.

Start time 8:15am.  Will blog about it tomorrow.




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