After the Epic

1 09 2010

It’s been 4 days, and I’m still trying to recover.  It was harder to motivate myself to come to work today than hauling my tired ass up Wheeler Pass.  I’ve seen a couple septagenarians that were “confused” and “dizzy”, neither of which, of course, have a definitive diagnosis.  Despite the common perception, medicine is not a science.

Will be introducing a new sticker.  Weather resistant so that they will be perfect for sticking on your bike.  Clear backing so your bike paint color will proved the background. They will be offered on the website for a small charge and free with purchase.  There will be 5000 of them, so I may have a few extra if you blog followers want one.  Just let me know, and it’s yours.

Claire and I visited the good folks at Green Guru the other day.  They have a wicked cool messenger bag that we may roll out in the spring.  The bag is made from recycled bike tubes and reclaimed/reappropriated materials.   I’d love some feedback on whether you think a bad-ass Alchemist $140 messenger bag would be attractive enough to drop down that kind of cash.  Ours would look very similar, but would have the Alchemist patch on the front instead of the Green Guru patch.  They also have another really great satchel made from recycled vinyl billboards.  Each one is unique since they use various billboards.  After the meeting, we walked out into a cloud of happy smoke.  The thursday night cruiser rides start from the front of Green Guru.  I was feeling a tad overdressed.  Claire joined the fun parade on her cruiser, and I went home to join the fun parade in my own home, otherwise known as bedtime.  But not before I caught a couple pics on Claire’s smart phone.



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2 09 2010
Vivienne Palmer

I want a sticker!

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