Ear Thingamajig and Special Offers!

9 09 2010

Got crushed today.   Everyone in the world and their non-diagnoses dropped in for a visit. No time to eat, no time to drink, no time to pee.  Instead of dictating the mound of charts I accumulated over the course of the shift, I’m writing about that little ear thing.  Wasn’t even my patient, but I was enlisted to throw down with a feisty little 3 year old who somehow got something stuck in her ear.

Between the intractable squirming and the embedded object, it was a tough catch, but I was confident. “Oh come on, Deb. Just squirt it out. It’s easy.”
Famous last words.
“Gimme the irrigation!”
No luck.
“Gimme more irrigation!”
“Gimme the suction!”
No luck.
“Alligator forceps!”
“Q-tip, I need a Q-tip! Her hands are coming up, her hands are coming up! Keep them away! I almost had it!”

With suction in one hand, alligator forceps in the other, a spot light on my forehead, and a nurse and another doc holding the kid down,  I finally was able to get a little purchase.  And then thhhhwaat!  I pulled out that little plastic thing in the photo.  Free stickers to anyone who can identify this object.

Check out the new look of the Alchemist website.  There is a new section for special offers.  The socks are live too.  Thanks to Dave for actually purchasing the socks.  What a guy.  The new offers are as follows:

Buy two Bike Share shirts and get a third FREE.

IMBA members receive a FREE pair of socks with $40 purchase.  Enter “IMBA2010” in the comments section of check-out to take advantage of the offer.

Will catch up in the next blog about the Dakota 5-0 and the recent Competitor interview.  Also in the next issue, Walt Wehner’s killer mods on the bike mower with pics and vid.

Time to dictate.



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