Examiner Review and Long Lost Epic video

15 09 2010

We sent a tank top to Erica Jessop of Examiner.com to wear and review.  Here is her review.  Erica, we agree!

I had high ambitions to rock a helmet cam for each stage of the Breck Epic.  But after it bounced around all over my noggin and the lens filled up with dust, I abandoned the effort.  But I finally went back and found the footage from stage 1.   Bouncy? Yes.  Rare, never seen before footage? Not really.  But it is rare footage from the perspective of a middle-of-the-pack rider.

Here is a long, but rarer (more rare?) footage from the front of the race.  Stage 5, Wheeler Pass, my nemesis. This from the eyes of Alex Grant of Cannondale Factory Racing.  It’s amazing to watch these guys battle it out at over 12,000 feet.  It’s nice to see that they have to hike some of it too.  But they ride a crap load of it.  I walked for 30 straight minutes.  Towards the end is the uber hairy descent off of Wheeler Pass.  He says 15 minutes. Hmm.  No so much for me.  Alex is riding a full squish bike here.  I rode that thing fully rigid.  And it hurt me.  He says his hands and feet were numb.  I hear that.  I got rocked on that descent.



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