West Mag Photo Shoot

29 09 2010

Just saw a pregnant lady who rear ended another car.  She apparently had no damage at all to her car, but she was having some belly aching and she thought her water broke.  Turns out she just pee’d herself, but I did an ultrasound anyway before sending her up to Ob.  I always have to resist the temptation to slap the probe on and go “Holy shit, I’ve never seen THAT before!”  She was fine, and I let her go without the sophomoric quips.

Back from Cali.  Had a great time at the cousin reunion.  Every event was centered around eating, and boy, did I eat.   Funny

how your cycling fitness can evaporate in a weekend.

Received an email from Candace, who saw the old “No One Cares That You Singlespeed” design at Crankworx.  Reminds me that I need to bring those themes back.   The trademark is still good on it, so we may as well use it.  Look out for “No One Cares That You Tele” this ski season.

Mark Woolcott hauled his camera around West Magnolia and took some stunning photos of Jon in the Alchemist Kit.  Aspens are turning up there.  Kick ass. You can check it out on his blog: http://markwoolcottphotography.com/blog/?cat=1

Seriously, check it out.  The pics are phat.



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