Phish and 24 hours of Moab

12 10 2010

This is day #3 of the never-ending Phish concert.  8000 burned-out hippies have descended on Broomfield for 3 days of hapless, drug-induced stupor.   We staffed the ER with extra folks to handle the hoards of hallucinating casualties that could, at any time, rain down upon us.   Just saw a lady who was brought in by the ambulance for a bad reaction to what she thought was Mary Jane, but was apparently something not so agreeable to her.  She and her friend are wearing the requisite Phish uniform,Tie-Dye.  I’ve never understood why anyone enjoyed listening to a jam session for hours on end.  The only people who think jam sessions are cool are the jammers.  But maybe that’s the reason that Phish Fans have to consume all those drugs, so the music actually sounds tolerable.  As it turns out, Claire is at the concert right now.  After I found out she was going, and then finished making fun of her taste in music, I told her that if I had to see her in the ER for some kind of foolishness, I’d make sure to have the nurse put her in a diaper and get a Polaroid.  That’s what we used to do to the drunk college kids back in Charlottesville.

A superb showing of local fast guys at the 24 hours of MoabDrew and “Justin’s Nuts” took home the stars and stripes in the Master’s Championship category.  19 big laps.  Way to go, Drew!  How can I get one of those jerseys?  Walt and the “New Mexico Allstars” narrowly missed the top podium spot in the Open Pro category.  They were up against some pretty stout competition.  Trek/Honey Stinger had serious firepower, Jay Henry and Ross Schnell to name a couple.  Walt was going head-to-head against Schnell, who had the fastest lap time for the whole event.  Both teams broke the lap record for the race, 22.  Walt successfully accomplished his goal of not getting injured, and not embarrassing himself.   He actually posted one of the fastest lap times over all.   Dan and “Milk and Molasses” also threw down at Moab.  Dan posted a top 20 lap time in the category.

Need to give props to Robert over at Two Knobby Tires. He has a cool online store that sells a lot of eco-friendly gear.  You can check out Green Machine at his store, which sells quite a lot of other cool stuff too.

I volunteered to do a talk about my job for Syd and Jake’s school tomorrow morning.   Not sure why I would do such a thing after a night shift, which usually leaves me cranky and humorless.   But I’ve got some toys to bring, and gory stories to tell.  And I’ll be bringing the biggest syringe and spinal needle I can find. . .



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12 10 2010
Vivienne Palmer

It is your duty to talk to the kiddos about the evils of motorcycles and the importance of helmets! Explain to them what vegetable means, and I’m not talking green beans. BTW, I had a friend injure himself at my house the other day (two inch gash in his scalp) which ended up in a visit to the ER and 7 staples, but not before I called you first. Sadly, you weren’t home. I was hoping to get some pictures of you stitching him up on your kitchen table, just so I could read about it later in the blog.

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