Tis the Season for Winning and More Cowbell in the Denver Post

30 11 2010

Tis the Season

Last year we got beat out by Med/Surg.  The year before by Pharmacy.  We’ve been the bridesmaid two years in a row.   After winning the top podium spot 3 years ago, we haven’t been able to recapture the magic that brought home the gold since then.

The hospital food drive is a cutthroat exercise in gamesmanship and cunning strategy.  We won’t be beat this year.  The docs all pooled our collective stingy-ass cash contributions.  Plans for a last minute shopping spree by Melissa and Kandy at Save-A-Lot should seal the deal for the ER this year.  We hope.  It’s no longer the season of caring, or of giving.  Tis the season of winning.  Told Rachel in Pharmacy it’s on like Donkey Kong, so bring it on!

Check out the Denver PostMore Cowbell made the gift guide in the fitness section.  Big thanks to Kristen at the Post for including us.

Stick it where the Sun don’t Shine and Custom Wool Cycling Jersey

25 11 2010

Fun with Sticks

A fella came into the ER the other day with a chief complaint of pain in his arse.  It was really more like pain in his “taint”.  He had fallen out of a tree a couple days prior, and had noticed some discomfort then, but didn’t feel the need to get it checked out until it got worse.  He had a teeny little scab near his poo hole, but other than that, didn’t have much in the way of trauma.  He had some pain in his belly too, so he was sent over to CT.  The radiologist called to ask if the man perhaps had a “male enhancing prosthesis”.  Well, he didn’t. After a few awkward questions, it was finally  determined that the guy had a foot long stick jammed through is groin area.  The little scab was apparently the entry site, and it had, for the most part, sealed itself right over the end of the stick.  The vegetation was removed by the on call surgeon, and the man was mostly grateful to not have to deal with permanent wood.


Old School Merino

Merino Wool you say?  We have a bundle coming in late January.  Alchemist designed, 100% buttery Merino Wool.  Our signature Alchemist branded jersey will be available in limited quantities.  Email us Alchemist@AlchemistThreadworks.com to pre-order yours today.  $115 early-bird special before January 31st, 2011.  $140 after that, ya’ lazy bums.  We will also have jerseys available to customize for teams, clubs, & shops.  For more info on customization, email Claire@AlchemistThreadworks.com.  Or check out the site http://alchemistthreadworks.com/2010/11/wool-cycling-jersey/.  We positively guarantee that it will feel better than having a stick crammed up your pooper.

New website pic, magazine shout outs, Octoberberg

12 11 2010

Alchemist Threadworks home page

Sue and Claire enjoying the psychedelic fall colors

New front page for the AlchemistThreadworks.com website slideshow.  Sue is sporting the Alchemist merino wool jersey, Claire is wearing the women’s Green Machine.  Watch for the next edition of Mountain Flyer, in which we will be unveiling “Team Green Machine”.  Will post a copy of the ad when it’s officially out.

Also check out the gift guide and “One Cool Job” section in the latest Competitor.

Dirt Rag Magazine also has a nice product review.

I know it’s November, but I finally got around to uploading the photos from Octoberberg, which shockingly happened in October.  Todd, Jeff C, and I joined in the ride.  Following the tradition of the previous Hunterbergs before it, Octoberberg was epic and fun.  We started at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.  Rode up Super Flagstaff (2000′ of climbing to around 7800′)  Continued over Flag to Gross, then onto 68J.  Turned left on Magnolia Rd and descended to Coal Creek Canyon.  Continued west to Peak-to-Peak.  North to Magnolia, East on the Dot trails. Back home on Magnolia.  Around 50-60 miles. 4 hours of ride time.  I’d guess around 5-6 thousand feet of climbing.  If anyone has better numbers, let me know.  The ages ranged from 12 to 68.  That’s not a typo, that’s Boulder.  Gotta love it.  We finished with beer and brats at BCSM.  Big thanks to Hunter and Steve, who arranged the ride, and stocked the aid drops along the way.

The Octoberberg Peleton

Cade (12) and Gino (68) pose for a mid-ride photo op

For more photos of the ride, check it out here. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=27516&id=100000769459955&l=326c511b25

Race Across the Sky, a.k.a. the Leadville Movie

9 11 2010

Chlouber warming up for target practice

The Leadville Trail 100 is a 100 mile epic mountain bike race that takes place above the highest incorporated city in the country.  It’s really around 103 miles, and your legs let you know it coming up the “Boulevard” after your odometer hits 100 and the finish is nowhere in site.  Recently, it has attracted the likes of Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis, thus propelling the race to international recognition.

Many thanks to Jenn and Rich at IMBA for the tickets to the “Race Across the Sky” movie event,  a.k.a. the Leadville movie.  We drank adult beverages at the Hard Rock at the IMBA pre-screening party, then made our way over to the Paramount on 16th in Denver for the film.  I flashed our tickets to the usher, who frowned, then pointed us away toward the mezzanine.  We made our way from the main seating area and headed to the upper deck, banished to the nether regions of the theater.  But what seemed like nosebleed seats turned out to be the VIP section.   We were surrounded by cycling heros, studs, and celebrities.   Davis and Taylor Phinney, Connie Carpenter behind us; Chris Romer and another senator to the left;  Heather Irmiger, Alex Grant, Matt Shriver, Ken Chlouber catty-corner;  Travis Brown and Jeff Cloutier in front . . .  My thought amongst these cycling legends, “Why the hell couldn’t they get better seats?”

Felt pretty good about being included in such an illustrious crowd until my eyeballs started swimming a few minutes into the film.   I didn’t want to miss any of the movie, but I was having a hard time enjoying it with my bladder on red alert.  I had to climb over the senators to get out of the row.  As Brad Pitt remarked in Fight Club, “Now, a question of etiquette – as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch?”

The Denver show was the main event for the 1 day showing.  Like the first movie, there was a panel of racers on stage to share their own thoughts and experiences.  Dave Wiens, Levi Leipheimer, Rebecca Rusch, Erik Weihenmayer, JHK, and the “Lifetime Fitness dude who bought Leadville”.  Notably missing was Ken Chlouber, who, according to rumors, made off like a bandit after selling the Leadville Series to the “Lifetime Fitness dude who bought Leadville.”  He deserves it.  He pretty much single-handedly revived a near defunct mining town by creating the Leadville races.  Each panelist shared dutifully tactful accounts and rhetoric about, what for the most part, amounted to the power of the human spirit.  I’d love to see Dave Zabriski included in the panel.  Would add some color to the otherwise homogenous discussion.

“Well, you see, I’m just a big, hairy American winning machine.  I eat 9 hour finishers for breakfast, and I crap 12 hour finishers afterward.  You wanna mess with DZ NUTS!?”

Honestly, how many Tour de France roadies sport a flavor-savor anyway?  The stash says it all.

This year’s movie, like last year’s, was not only well-done and inspirational, but it jerked more than a few tears.  I was glad it was dark as my eyes welled up on a couple different occasions.  “No really, it’s just allergies.”

Also like last year, I found myself bobbing in my seat to the rhythm of the riders and the music.  It was like I was pumping my legs and feeling the fire just like they were. It gave me motivation to ride hard and train like a maniac.  That inspiration lasted until we hit Chipotle after the movie, and I succumbed to an over-abundance of delicious trans-fats, then proceeded to finish Sue’s burrito.  I’ve still got months before the season starts again.  Gotta pace myself, you know?  But when the time is ripe again, I’ll have to borrow Jon’s Race Across the Sky DVD, and get the juices flowing.  Dan and I are racing the Breck Epic next year in the Open Duo category.  I don’t wanna have to get dragged all over the Epic course by the Buss.  It will take heart, but I’m up for the challenge.  Ken Chlouber pretty much summed it up at last year’s movie premiere.  “I’ve got one word for you . . . DIG DEEP.”

Boulder Cup and Wool Jerseys

5 11 2010

Boulder Cup had some slick corners

Last weekend was the Boulder Cup. It went quite nicely.  Great weather and a big time race that attracts the big names in cyclocross.  We set up shop next to Jordan and the Mountain Flyer guys.  Race Day fell on Halloween this year, so we had plates of cookies and bowls of candy for the passersby.  Things started heating up around 10a.  Turns out that the candy and cookies weren’t the only draw to the booth.  The wool jersey garnered a bit of buzz around the booth.  I didn’t realize the kind of impact it would have on our overall sales. As the wool jersey caught people’s eye, they’d slow down enough to check out our other stuff.  Some of them even pulled out their wallets.   Like a bad soldier, I abandoned my post in the heat of it all and left Hannah to handle the mob.  I had to meet the boys for a ride up at West Mag.  With some of the other Team Alchemist riders, Jeff C, Stuart, and Ken, we got in one of the last rides that will be had up there.  Aside from a couple snow fields that we slid down, the trails were in great shape and the weather was perfect for it.

Attention getter

When I got back to the race, Claire had joined in the booth, and they had sold a fair number of shirts, and all but one of the wool jerseys.  Looks like we’ll have to get more.  Keep your antennae up for the next batch, which will be bigger and badder.  Plan is to offer customization of the woolies.  Should be pretty kick-ass.  Since one posting of this foolish photo wasn’t enough, I’m posting it again. Plus I don’t have a good pic of it otherwise.  Planning to get some shots of Claire sporting the jersey for the website, so that will be an upgrade.  Might have to convince Sue to do a shoot too.

For the Octoberberg faithful, I’ve been lazy about getting those photos of the ride posted.  But I will.

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