New website pic, magazine shout outs, Octoberberg

12 11 2010

Alchemist Threadworks home page

Sue and Claire enjoying the psychedelic fall colors

New front page for the website slideshow.  Sue is sporting the Alchemist merino wool jersey, Claire is wearing the women’s Green Machine.  Watch for the next edition of Mountain Flyer, in which we will be unveiling “Team Green Machine”.  Will post a copy of the ad when it’s officially out.

Also check out the gift guide and “One Cool Job” section in the latest Competitor.

Dirt Rag Magazine also has a nice product review.

I know it’s November, but I finally got around to uploading the photos from Octoberberg, which shockingly happened in October.  Todd, Jeff C, and I joined in the ride.  Following the tradition of the previous Hunterbergs before it, Octoberberg was epic and fun.  We started at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.  Rode up Super Flagstaff (2000′ of climbing to around 7800′)  Continued over Flag to Gross, then onto 68J.  Turned left on Magnolia Rd and descended to Coal Creek Canyon.  Continued west to Peak-to-Peak.  North to Magnolia, East on the Dot trails. Back home on Magnolia.  Around 50-60 miles. 4 hours of ride time.  I’d guess around 5-6 thousand feet of climbing.  If anyone has better numbers, let me know.  The ages ranged from 12 to 68.  That’s not a typo, that’s Boulder.  Gotta love it.  We finished with beer and brats at BCSM.  Big thanks to Hunter and Steve, who arranged the ride, and stocked the aid drops along the way.

The Octoberberg Peleton

Cade (12) and Gino (68) pose for a mid-ride photo op

For more photos of the ride, check it out here.



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13 11 2010
Vivienne Palmer

Sue looks awesome! You’ve got the prettiest wife in town.

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