Stick it where the Sun don’t Shine and Custom Wool Cycling Jersey

25 11 2010

Fun with Sticks

A fella came into the ER the other day with a chief complaint of pain in his arse.  It was really more like pain in his “taint”.  He had fallen out of a tree a couple days prior, and had noticed some discomfort then, but didn’t feel the need to get it checked out until it got worse.  He had a teeny little scab near his poo hole, but other than that, didn’t have much in the way of trauma.  He had some pain in his belly too, so he was sent over to CT.  The radiologist called to ask if the man perhaps had a “male enhancing prosthesis”.  Well, he didn’t. After a few awkward questions, it was finally  determined that the guy had a foot long stick jammed through is groin area.  The little scab was apparently the entry site, and it had, for the most part, sealed itself right over the end of the stick.  The vegetation was removed by the on call surgeon, and the man was mostly grateful to not have to deal with permanent wood.


Old School Merino

Merino Wool you say?  We have a bundle coming in late January.  Alchemist designed, 100% buttery Merino Wool.  Our signature Alchemist branded jersey will be available in limited quantities.  Email us to pre-order yours today.  $115 early-bird special before January 31st, 2011.  $140 after that, ya’ lazy bums.  We will also have jerseys available to customize for teams, clubs, & shops.  For more info on customization, email  Or check out the site  We positively guarantee that it will feel better than having a stick crammed up your pooper.



3 responses

25 11 2010
Vivienne Palmer

Now THAT is a great post! Nasty. Now who wants turkey?

BTW, I noticed that you did not mention that the winner of the Alchemist jersey is ME, having deciphered the gang sign you threw in the picture. I wear a size larger than Sue.

25 11 2010
Vivienne Palmer

Oh, and can I get some back story, like How did he get a foot long stick shoved up his taint?

26 11 2010
Vivienne Palmer

“I fell out of a tree.”

I’m so sure.

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