Lunar Eclipse photos and Why I Hate Boulder

21 12 2010

lunar ecplise photo sequence

Evolution of last night's lunar eclipse

Missed out on the lunar eclipse last night?  I pried my eyes open with toothpicks and drank Red bull until after midnight to get some pictures of the lunar eclipse.  Woke up Sue and Syd, and dragged them onto the front porch to watch.  Then I proceeded to snap the lamest, crappiest, blurriest photos ever.  Fortunately, despite having to come to work at 7am this morning, Drew researched the best camera settings for shooting an eclipse, then hiked up Mount Sanitas to watch the eclipse and take the series of photos above.  Thanks, Drew.  Strong work!

Had a guy decide that he wanted to race me up Flagstaff today.  I wasn’t planning on racing, but it’s hard to just let a guy go by in flat pedals, tennis shoes and a circa 1990 Rockhopper.  He kept looking back to see if I was still there.  I was, barely.  We turned the last S-turn and sprinted for the top.  He started grunting and making funny squeaky noises.   I thought he was done, but he kept on sprinting.  Beat me by a wheel.  You think getting beat by a squeaky guy riding flat pedals and a 20 year old steel bike is bad?  How about getting toasted by a girl riding a beater with panniers and wearing a skirt.  As she cruised by, she smiled and quipped, “Hey, nice socks.”

Yeah, I know.  I hate Boulder.



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21 12 2010
Vivienne Palmer

I feel the same way when I see a smoking hot mom with no stretchmarks.

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