X-mas shift and Boss Hogg

25 12 2010


Boss Hogg

Jake fell asleep wearing his new roller skates.  Syd won’t let go of her Raggety Ann doll.   It’s Christmas evening in the ER, and I’m waiting for the sick guy to roll in.  People get sick on Christmas.

Boss Hogg‘s white cadillac is now available in limited supplies. “The General Lee was cool, but Boss Hogg’s convertible was dope!  We added a trunk rack and our weapon of choice to make it super fly!  There’s a new sheriff in town, and he enforces the minimum speed limit.”



3 responses

29 12 2010

Am greatly entertained by the wide-ranging interests..a fat tire ER doc that makes woolen garments.
Thank you for sharing your perspective…Dr. Alchemist…

29 12 2010

Probably just a reflection of my inability to pay attention to any one thing. But it’s a fun ride. Thanks for the support, Jacquie!

22 05 2022

Awesome blog you havee here

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