Pole Dancing, Pus, and Bike Share

20 01 2011

Hairy Pole Dancer

Saw a young lady the other day for a festering boil in her armpit.  It wasn’t the first time she had been in to the ER for the same problem, and the scar from her previous drainage was visible adjacent to today’s incision.  She had been shaving her armpits, and I explained to her that she should consider going au natural.  She responded that she needed to shave for her job.  Of course, the next obvious questions was “What do you do?”

“I’m a dancer.”

“Cool.  What kind of dance? Ballet, Jazz, Lindyhop?”


Wasn’t sure how to respond.  (“Oh, how lovely! Are the benefits good?”) My silence was two-fold.  I felt silly about not knowing what “dancer” really means, and I fully understood why it would be necessary to be well shorn while you are sticking your junk up in someone else’s grill.  My ill-conceived response was less than ideal.

“Well . . . I think . . . I guess . . . don’t you think your clients might prefer to see pit hair than pus?”

I need to learn when to keep my mouth shut.

Plague Vector

Boulder Bike Share is coming to Boulder.  Continuing the recent trend of  using  Walt’s blog as fodder for my blog, here’s Walt’s take on it. http://waltworks.blogspot.com/2009/06/boulder-to-implement-bike-share-program.html  Keep in mind that Walt is grumpy and cynical (and hilarious).  Personally, I like the novelty of the idea, no matter how impractical.   (n.b., we still have Bike Share T-shirts in stock and on sale.)  Just elevating the awareness of bicycle riding is always good in my book.  It’s better than wasting our money and efforts protecting plague-infested vermin (read, prairie dogs), even if they are kinda cute.



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21 01 2011
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