Taint Pus is great fodder for creativity

12 03 2011

So I had a guy face down, moaning, on all fours in the stretcher the other day.

He’d been languishing on a business trip with a sore tush and a long airplane ride.   He stepped off the plane, drove to the hospital, and lay there prone in my ER, waitin’ for his doctor.   After an awkard introduction, we got down to business, and I found a juicy lump o’ pus sittin’ on his taint.  We got him set up for a little slice and dice.  Certainly, an 11 blade scalpel in your taint can’t feel good, but my guy was a trooper.  He bit the pillow and muffled his sobbing–enough for me to do some thinking.   I had a sudden Eureka moment as I was milking his abscess.

“Taint. Taint. Tainted.  Tainted Love . . . TAINTED LOVE!”

Could be a great sticker.  Seriously.   Ser-i-ous-ly.  Working out the design.  Stay tuned.



3 responses

12 03 2011
Vivienne Palmer

What about “Taint Nothin’ but a Little Slice of Heaven”? If you are into that kind of thing.

BTW, I saw a woman riding in a very stylie Alchemist jersey. Not the merino one, though. I gave her a shout out.

12 03 2011
Vivienne Palmer

Have you seen the lesbian house painting outfit in Boulder? They drive around in a car that says “Painted Love”. Cute.

12 03 2011

I would buy me some Softcell!!

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