Front Range 60

12 05 2011

Todd rocking the FR 60

Sunny skies and hot temps this past weekend for the Front Range 60.  The course gets a bum rap for being sort of boring, but I like the race because I don’t have to drive far to get to it.

The FR 60 is in Bear Creek Park in Morrison, just 45 minutes from Boulder.  Todd “off-the-couch” Kleinman and I went down to represent for Alchemist.  This year the Warriors Cycling folks mixed it up a bit.  They added a lap to the 10 mile course and flipped it around to go the other way.  It turned out to be a wicked fast course.  None of the climbs was too malignant going clockwise, and there were lots of opportunities for hammering your big ring (unless you only brought one gear, in which case, there were lots of opportunities for crazy leggin’ it).

The heat proved to be a bigger obstacle than the hills.   Fast flats mixed with short punchy climbs made for a good day of cramping.  I expect to cramp, so I just rode through them.   I passed lots of folks standing straight-legged and bent-over next to their bikes.  Reeled in a bunch of guys and took 6th in the onsie category, good enough for some series points.   Not good enough for the podium.  But Ken pointed out that I snuck into second place in the overall points total.  Todd had a nice race until his legs went on full lock down on the last lap.  But considering his training, not a bad showing.  For more on the race as well as photos, check out  The photo is from Ben Welnak for 303cycling.

Stuart and Jon were down at 18 hours of FruitaWalt and Brian were mixing it up in the 12 hours of Mesa Verde.  They had great races, and Walt had a dramatic finish.  More on that later.



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12 05 2011

Nice work and winning the whole darn race down there Brian & Walt.

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