Urine retention and New England Bicycle Expo

23 05 2011

going feels good

Just saw a lady who hadn’t been able to pee since last night. She was doing the peepee dance in the room when I walked in, and she looked none too happy.  Urine retention goes right up there with pus and ear wax as far as fixable chief complaints. Pop a catheter in, and you have another satisfied customer.  Too bad they all can’t be like that.  Not being able to go makes you appreciate the little things in life, like being able to go.  I don’t look forward to the day when my overgrown prostate shuts off my pee hole.  When I broke my back years ago after falling off a big rock, I couldn’t go, at least not while lying flat.  Horrified screams of “I CAN PEE! I CAN PEE!!!” could be heard throughout the trauma bay after I overheard the trauma surgeon casually order a foley catheter if I couldn’t manage to squeeze out a sample.

Claire sportin Alchemist Merino at NEBE

Claire introduced Alchemist to the East Coast a couple weeks ago at the New England Bicycle Expo.  Check out the nice write up about the event in Lovely Bicycle.  Scroll down for the Alchemist plug.



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