Butt Pus and Firecracker 50

3 07 2011

butt pus

I woke my ass up super early this morning to ride my bicycle to work.  I don’t think a single car passed me on the 9 mile ride here.  I think I could actually be a roadie if there were no cars.

Not long after I got here, my first patient had a chief complaint of  “sist drain”.  Turns out he needed a cyst drained, on his buttocks.  I brought him to tears injecting the Lidocaine mixture, but he was a trooper.   We were rewarded with a nice river of creamy purulence.   He was grateful for the painful, but definitive treatment.  Draining pus is not unlike riding your bike to work at ungodly hours.  It hurts to do it, but you feel better once it’s done.

Stuart and Jeff C. did the Leadville marathon yesterday. No results yet, but I instructed Stuart not to blow his wad on the run because we are teaming up for the Firecracker 50 tomorrow.   A bunch of Team Alchemist will be representing in Breckenridge tomorrow, including Sue, who plans to rock all 50 miles.  Race report to follow.



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