CU Short Track and Cowbells

14 07 2011

Sweatin' to the Oldies

It’s 130am, and I’m  just trying to survive the second night in a row in the ER right now.  It’s been busy and the most interesting patient I’ve seen tonight was a bug bite. 

I woke up 15 minutes before short track last evening and rushed to the start.  I brought my old 1986 Bontrager single speed, which worked out since I got there just as the men’s B race went off.  The singlespeeders go off a couple minutes afterward, so i quickly checked in and hopped on the line.  I started in last place and finished in last place, by a mile.   I lost by the curvature of the Earth.  It was hardly worth getting my shirt dirty.  This pic of me getting stomped was taken by Drew last week.  Cool pic.  Crappy riding.

More Cowbell!!!

On a less sucky note, here’s a blurry pic of the Alchemist cowbells in production.  This is the embossed side.  The other side will have a laser etched “Alchemist” logo.  They will have an Antique bronze finish and a custom strap.  Will be available in 3″ and a whopping 6.5″ size.  We hope to have these by CX season.



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14 07 2011

😦 Oh Jeff! Sorry the riding was crappy – and it is always worth getting your shirt dirty in my book. I love the cow bells! My boys might need to update the cowbells on their ski helmets with an Alchemist bell!

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