Interbike and New Web address

12 09 2011

Alchemist Sweat Shop

Heading to Interbike this week.  Here’s a pic of the child labor that we here at Alchemist utilize to keep the costs down.  Booth 37079 on the first floor near the Demo area if you are planning on being in Vegas.

Alchemist has a spankin new and improved website. It can be found at the new web address:   You can still find us by using the old alchemistthreadworks address too.

Congrats to Drew and Team Justin’s for the podium sweep last week at the Dakota 50.  Thanks to Drew’s son, Garrett, for the Alchemist pics of Jon.  He’s sporting the new Blackboxx kit with fancy fabric, Italian chamois and Powerband arm and leg gripper.  In his words, the kit was,”Hmm, yeah, it was alright, yeah.”

Damn Brits are always so understated, so I’ll have to translate Jon’s english.  What he meant to say was “Your new Blackboxx kit was the most orgasmically fantastical thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Thanks for the props, Jon.

Justin's Podium sweep, Dakota 50

Jon in the Blackboxx kit at the Dakota 50

Jon in the Blackboxx kit at the Dakota 50



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