Biggest, juiciest Tumor you’ve ever seen. I ate my Twin!

9 01 2012

From Wikipedia:

teratoma is an encapsulated tumor with tissue or organ components resembling normal derivatives of all three germ layers. . . . teratomas have been reported to contain hairteethbone and, very rarely, more complex organs such as eyes,[1][2] torso,[3][4] and handsfeet, or other limbs.[5]

It can’t be for real, can it?  Dan sent this to me.  It was taken out of a relative of a staff member.  And it is real.  Oh so real.


It's not a toomah . . . or maybe it is! Want a taste?

I wish I could take that baby to the top of the CU high-rises, and toss it off.

Here’s a pic of Disco Stu in Costa Rica rockin’ Alchemist gear on a ride.  I’m told there is some sweet singletrack down there.

Alchemist in Costa Rica

Alchemist in Costa Rica




One response

9 01 2012

Jesus, how big was the person it came out of?

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