Would you ever . . . ? Also, made in USA!

23 03 2012

cyclingdirt.org has this pic posted on Facebook with the caption “Would you ever?”

Would you ever . . . ?

Would you ever . . . ?

uh, no.

And some exciting news.  We are deep into the details of bringing BLACKBOXX and other lines of production to the U S of A.  More on that to come.


Please Don’t Steal My Bike and Sandbagging

18 03 2012

Amin, from Philadelphia, has found what appears to be a stolen bike.  While a stolen bike is not an entirely bizarre occurrence (I had three stolen during my college tenure in West Philly), this particular bicycle is, um, special.  This bike is a brown women’s hybrid Trek, and it has a sticker on it that says, “Please Don’t Steal My Bike.  AlchemistThreadworks.com“.  If this is your bike, or you know the owner of this bike, please email us at Alchemist@TeamAlchemist.com.  Karma is on your side.

On an unrelated note, here’s another gem from Paul.  As Drew commented, this could be straight out of Boulder.

Another kid race in Boulder

Another kid race in Boulder

BC Powder Fun

5 03 2012

Schnyder Jersey

Schnyder Jersey

Schnyder makes gear cutting instruments. In other words, they make the precision components that makes precision machines.   Based out of Switzerland, they know a thing or two about making nice stuff.  Glad they chose Alchemist for their custom jerseys and kits.  Marc Schnyder is a ridiculous mountain biker (#5 in the world in the 90’s).  He can also carve some nice turns in powder.  Check out this video he sent recently.  It was shot in BC, Canada. Whistler and Revelstoke.  I’m told Swiss guys earn their turns. Um, is that Adele, Mark?

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