Fruita Fat Tire Festival

30 04 2012

Claire, Nicole, and Patton went down to the Fruita Fat Tire Festival this past weekend.   They demoed some Salsa 29ers and set up shop in downtown Fruita. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Toothless Walt Works Jersey

Mr. Fish found the perfect jersey

Borat loves Alchemist!

Borat loves Alchemist! This fan hung an Alchemist cowbell around his neck and strutted his stuff all over downtown Fruita. We couldn't be more proud.

Ryan with the newest hot-off-the-press Alchemist recycled T-shirt

Claire and Nicole with the Green Guru boys demoing Salsa Bikes

Claire and Nicole with the Green Guru boys demoing Salsa Bikes

Alchemist Wool making the rounds

Alchemist Wool making the rounds

Alchemist After Dark

The Alchemist Ladies cut loose in downtown Fruita.

Kees and baggy knickers update

29 04 2012


Alchemist in the Netherlands

Kees sent this from the Netherlands.  He looked so good in the kit that they couldn’t resist featuring him on the poster.

Night shift is when I blog.   I also just sat down with Teresa and drew out the paper pattern for the baggy knickers.  You could argue the merit of making patterns at 2am, it’s how we get it done. We are starting from scratch.  The plan: Perfect fit, plenty of pockets, a little stretch, made in the USA.  The timeline is pushed back, but these will be off the hook.

New T-shirt Alert! I PITY THE FUEL

24 04 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, it is here.  I PITY THE FUEL

The Canvas: 50% Transitional Organic Cotton/50% Recycled Polyester.  Three plastic bottles saved from landfills to create each shirt.

The Paint: Ice Blue Phthalate-Free, Eco Ink.

Available in heathered slate and heathered chocolate.



This eerie but awesome bike trick vid makes me feel kinda funny

22 04 2012

First,  I want to apologize for the numerous Alchemist News blog post emails that have been sent over the last week.  The RSS Feedburner went psycho.  I think I disabled it.  I think.

Voodoo Fire was yesterday.  I sucked.  If you want to hear more about it, it will be in the next post.  But for now, enjoy this bike video.  You hipsters out there with your skinny jeans and tricked out fixies.  Next time you track stand the red light, just think, you ain’t got sh*t on this lady.  You have to watch it to believe it.  Yes, it’s so strangely incredible, you’ll have to watch it twice. No, Alchemist did NOT provide the wardrobe.

King of the Mountain

7 04 2012

Alchemist rider and apparel model,  Jon “The Limey” Pulley, sits atop the Strava leader board on Reboot.  It is a little piece of trail off of Magnolia Rd.  Just to get to it, you have to climb Magnolia, which rises up 2500′ from Boulder Canyon.  Some fella named Horgan-Kobelski couldn’t knock him off the throne.

strava KOM

JHK can't hang with Jon Pulley

A new development with the Alchemist knickers.  We are working on gathering the fabric and materials for production in the U.S.A.  The first prototype was sweet, but the final product is going to be off the hook.   It will be the best short/knicker available.  No kidding.  More to come.

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