This eerie but awesome bike trick vid makes me feel kinda funny

22 04 2012

First,  I want to apologize for the numerous Alchemist News blog post emails that have been sent over the last week.  The RSS Feedburner went psycho.  I think I disabled it.  I think.

Voodoo Fire was yesterday.  I sucked.  If you want to hear more about it, it will be in the next post.  But for now, enjoy this bike video.  You hipsters out there with your skinny jeans and tricked out fixies.  Next time you track stand the red light, just think, you ain’t got sh*t on this lady.  You have to watch it to believe it.  Yes, it’s so strangely incredible, you’ll have to watch it twice. No, Alchemist did NOT provide the wardrobe.



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