Pus that smells like Tortilla Chips and the Alchemist Tri kit put to the test

24 06 2012

Saw a lady with an infected cut on her knee.  She told me it smelled like old grapes.  I asked her if it smelled like Tortilla chips. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Well, as it so happens, there is an infection that smells like grapes.  It can also smell like tortilla chips.  Plain tortilla chips.  Not Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch, though that would be pretty cool.  I can’t swear to it, but I don’t think it tastes as good as either.  First person to comment on the type of infection gets mad props on the Alchemist wall of fame.

Heather raced Xterra Moab a couple weekends ago, taking second!  Way to go, Heather!  Her feedback on the Alchemist HOMEGROWN Tri kit?  Awesome.

heather tri bike

heather tri run

on her way to the podium



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25 06 2012

Is this the stuff you learn about at 2am while in medical school?

25 06 2012


25 06 2012

Pseudomonas. Wow, that was a reach back into my old “not useful for a radiologist” knowledge.

25 06 2012

Pseudomonas! Nice work, Derek! You have made the Alchemist Wall of Fame. Um, congrats.

25 06 2012
Amy Dickerson


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