Catching up (some)

31 08 2012

Here’s a little of what Team Alchemist has been up to recently:

Nicole and Paul Sherwen

Nicole and Paul Sherwen. Paul begged and begged to get a pic with the Alchemist Wool Jersey. Stage 1 of the USAPC.

Heather winning the Xterra Lory

Heather winning the Xterra Lory. Heather is the Team Alchemist Tri representative and stud athlete. Going to World’s, Heather?

Paul on the home stretch at Leadville

Paul looking strong and comfy in an Alchemist Team Kit while bringing it home at the Leadville Trail 100 mtb race. Notice the phrase made famous by Jens Voigt in the background. Paul went on to complete the outrageous Leadman Competition, finishing in the top 5 of Leadmen. This year drew the strongest field of Leadmen in the race series’ history. Way to go Paul!

Paul representing on the 10k run.

Paul representing on the 10k run, the day after the 100 mile mtb bike.

Amy sporting the Alchemist Kit last spring

Amy rockin’ the Alchemist Kit last spring. El Diablo’s caption for this pic? “Woman with a killer bush.”

Team Alchemist on a winter ride

Team Alchemist on an early season ride. I’m a little late posting this one. From left: Ken, Disco, Travis, Wu.

Mat at the Leadville Trail 100 run

Team Alchemist athlete, Mat “Yes, I wore these Hawaiian board shorts for 100 f*ckin’ miles. You got a problem with that?” D. looking relaxed the Leadville Trail 100 run. Mat ran the whole race with no pacer and no support. Animal.




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