My New Favorite Bumper Sticker

27 09 2012

i speed because i have to poop

The yellow bumper sticker in the middle of the tailgate says, “I speed because I have to poop”

Supplanting my previous favorite bumper sticker, “Honk if you love peace and quiet”, is this gem.

Alpine Odyssey. Team Alchemist throws down with Lance

15 09 2012

Ken and Tom at the Alpine Odyssey finish

Ken and Tom at the Alpine Odyssey finish

Ken and Tom went down to Crested Butte today for the Alpine Odyssey, which is a Leadville qualifier, and which recently got some press because a fella named, Lance, decided to enter. They were able to hang in the lead pack for about 6 miles, riding right beside Lance for much of it. According to Ken, he had his game face on, not (Jenn) Dice-style chatty Kathy.  Lance was ready to rumble, but so were the Alchemist boys. Ken finished just over 5 hours and in 14th place. Tom finished around 5:20, and took home 21st. Both were in the top quarter of their divisions.

During the race, Ruth, Grant and Max cruised around town on their bikes, sipped ice cream shakes, and enjoyed the fantastic weather. They did pause from their escapades when a tourist asked to get a photo with them.

Team Alchemist Jrs: Ruth, Grant, Max posing with Lance Armstrong

Alchemist U13 Team: Grant, Max, Ruth. The future stars were turning the heads of the CB Paparazzi all day. Here, they stop to pose with a rabid fan.

Boulder High MTB Team is HOMEGROWN

14 09 2012

Boulder High MTB Team debuted their HOMEGROWN jerseys last weekend at the first event of the Colorado HS MTB League.

Pics below:

Boulder High debuts new HOMEGROWN jersey at the start
Boulder High debuts new HOMEGROWN jersey on the starting line at Chalk Creek
Boulder High MTB Race Team lounging in their silky jerseys
Boulder High MTB Race Team lounging in their silky jerseys

303Cycling Jersey is HOMEGROWN

10 09 2012

303Cycling Jersey

303 Cycling bringing it home for the win on the USA Pro Challenge Queen stage’s Flagstaff finish. In the background, Rory Sutherland celebrates his second place finish.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  It’s out, and it’s fierce.  The new 303 Cycling Jersey is on fire.  Lovingly raised from the HOMEGROWN line, the jersey has subtle water markings on the front panel with all your favorite Front Range rides.  Check out what 303 has to say about it here.

Alchemist looking gooood in Leadville Promo Video

6 09 2012

Alchemist Team rider, Jon, sent this to me today.  I didn’t know it existed, but it’s pretty rad.  Jon’s Boss, Deb, and Jenn and Doug also star in the video.  Jon is wearing the Alchemist logo recycled T.  50% recycled poly.  3 plastic bottles in every shirt.  Jenn and Doug are both sporting Alchemist custom jerseys from the HOMEGROWN line.  88% recycled poly, made in the USA, and top-shelf performance. But enough self-promo, click on the video to check these guys out!

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