The Fat Cyclist on The Levi Effect–worth reading

25 10 2012

Shut it down for the season after the 24 hours of COS–racing and blogging.  My next post was intended to be an update on Team Alchemist races from the summer, but I just read this piece from Elden (the Fat Cyclist).  I met Elden this summer at the Breck Epic.  Ken and I rode with John and Michele the last few stages, and they went back and forth with Fatty and his partner in the coed duo division.  He won the single speed division at Leadville, and then came back the next day for the Leadville/Breck Epic Double down.  He used to be fat.  Now he’ll kick your ass on a bike.  He might kick your ass off it too, but seeings how mild-mannered the guy is, I don’t think it would be easy to provoke him to do it.  If you don’t know his story, here’s more about him.

But that isn’t what this post is about. In the wake of the doping fallout, the ironically timed movie, “The Levi Effect”, came out in theaters this week. Elden, being a friend of Levi’s, sent him the message below:

So I sent Levi this email:

Hi Levi,

Just in case it’s of value for you to know that you’ve still got a friend in a beloved, multi-award-winning, very handsome blogger, I thought I’d let you know: I’m still your bud, and still looking forward to doing something fun and stupid for a good cause with you next year, or maybe sooner.

In fact, let me know the next time you’re in Utah and in the mood for an easy ride. It’s about time you find out how awesome it is to go MTBing on a SS.


I honestly didn’t have any expectation of a reply, but I got one:


I really can not put into words how much it means to me when I receive an email like this, I really appreciate your support- a lot! I’m sorry that we have damaged the sport that you love but I really believe this is the best for the long term. You have supported me personally and my community and I owe you an explanation, if you want to hear it? I’m looking forward to time healing this mess and being able to redeem myself. Thanks again for the email and the support, it really helps right now.


ps I’d still kick your ass on an SS MTB

Full article here:

Apparently, Levi was hesitant to allow Elden to post this correspondence because he thought it sounded like self-promotion.

Not sure how to comment, but thought it was worth sharing.



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