Halloween Rave Party Fun and the new Alchemist SALE page

1 11 2012

RAVE party

Rave party. Young folks gone wild.

It’s Halloween.  Instead of sleeping before the shift, I trick-or-treated with the kids.  The past two years, we came back to find the unmanned bowl of candy emptied by teenagers (In all fairness, I merely assume they were teenagers, but I haven’t caught them yet).  Fantasizing about all the nefarious tactics I could employ to catch the thieves, I finally went back home to check on the candy bowl.  Remarkably, it was not empty.  My faith in the next generation was restored.

And then I came to work.  I’m told there is a rave party going on at the event center down the road. The parade of drunk, acid-tripping youth has been non-stop.  Some spitting, some hitting, some just yelling.  Some in costume.  Remind me to ask for Halloween off next year.

We have a new SALE page with um, sale items.  Discounts and stuff.  Check it out. http://teamalchemist.com/shop/alchemist-sale.html



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