2013 Alchemist Team Kit

9 11 2012

Alchemist CAMO-Team-Kit-2013-2

Alchemist CAMO-Paisley Team-Kit-2013. Going where no man has gone before.

It’s time for a new Team kit.  What’s hot in 2013?  Camo? Paisley? Both? Sounds like a vomit-inducing collision of fashion.  And yet, I still might do it anyway.  Click the pic to enlarge.



5 responses

9 11 2012

Dig it! I’d buy it!

9 11 2012
Ken Kreidl

I thought we were going into the next century and getting all futuristic! May want to change the title – 2103…

9 11 2012
Drew Geer

Pais-mo. I love it.


9 11 2012
Kees V

Love it. So I’ll buy it

9 11 2012

I think it’s hot! 🙂

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