Mary Jane. It’s legal. Great.

14 11 2012

Dope. It’s what’s for breakfast.

4 am.  The department is mostly quite except for the high-pitched wailing coming from room 5.   It sounds like a tortured cat.  The crying and screaming is enough to compel me to vent a post, even at 4 am.   The 20-something sissy-boy making this embarrassing racket suffers from a condition known as Canniboid Hyperemesis Syndrome.  Chronic pot smoking, inexplicable cycles of vomiting and crampy belly pain, and strangely, the compulsion to take long, hot showers.  My kid in 5 took two tonight.

It has become more common in the last couple years, and it is only going to get worse now that the medical MJ dispensaries are now becoming Hookah lounges.  Congratulations Colorado, Reefer is now legal.   But what the hell, at least we can tax the hell out of it.


On the cycling apparel front, Alchemist was busy all day yesterday preparing for the holiday season.   Sale items and special deals are going down.  We are also going to get more wool in.  Same classic style, but softer, plusher, cozier, betterer.  Won’t have it until the new year, but it will be da bomb.

Alchemist Old School Wool Jersey

Also, it’s final.  The reception for the 2013 Team kit was pretty good.  Not a lot of folks responded with hate mail, so Paisely-Camo (Pais-mo, as Drew would call it) is a go.  it will be from the HOMEGROWN line.  Top-shelf, Made in USA, recycled and Blue Sign approved.  Pre-order notifications will go out soon.  Pre-order/Team discount applies.  Some of you already told me you want in.  If the rest of you want to reserve one for yourself,  give us a shout.   Contact us.









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