Amputated thumb hitchhikes and Alchemist Snow Rides

6 01 2013

thumbFella severed his thumb on a circular saw the other day. He neglected to bring the amputated part in, which, btw, if you ever amputate your thumb or other significant part of your body, you should do.  His wife went back home to retrieve it from the garage floor. That’s a tough broad. When she got home, she found the missing digit . . . in the jaws of an opportunistic rat.    As the story goes, the vermin scurried away with the thumb, no doubt chuckling as it fled.  The fella got his thumb back, somehow.  What transpired in between, you don’t want to know.  But what his lady had to do to rescue his thumb is the stuff  of legends.

It’s been cold and snowy here in Boulder, but the Alchemist crew managed to get out for a couple rides last weekend, putting the cold weather gear to the test.  Drew joined Steve, Mark, Ken, and I on Saturday for a ride on the snowy packed trails.  On Sunday, Mike, Rob, Jim, Ken, and I hit the dirt roads North of Boulder.  Some pics for your viewing pleasure.

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2 responses

6 01 2013

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. ER gore.

9 01 2013
Rich Vincent

Thanks, always a pleasure to read your blog. Those were mighty big kitty tracks.

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