Team Alchemist Kicks off the Racing Season

23 04 2013

Sean leading the Weld County Road Race

Sean leading the Weld County Road Race

With the Ridgeline Rampage mtb race snowed out, it was up to Sean to represent Team Alchemist this past weekend on the road.  He threw down at the Weld County Road Race.  Leading the pack for much of the race in his custom Alchemist Team attire.  The Pais-Mo kit got a lot of attention.  Nice work out there, Sean.

As bad as the weather has been for riding in Boulder, it’s still not as bad as the weather in Minnesota.  Steve has been holed up through a long Minnesota winter, but his little girl, Amelia, still finds a way to sport the Alchemist colors.  Good thing she gets her looks from her mother.

Amelia getting in some saddle time

Amelia getting in some saddle time, and looking mahvelous.

Kili Climb on Eddie Bauer Home Page

16 04 2013

Kili biking crew

Kili biking crew

Eddie Bauer provided some sweet jackets and other gear for the Kili trip.  The story made it to the front page on their site. Some photos and Doug’s account of the Kili trip.

Put a plug in it — Snotfest 2013

10 04 2013

If the patient could only see what is behind the mask

If the patient could only see what is behind the mask

It’s 2am.  I just spent 20 minutes putting a lady’s leg back together. Well, the skin on her leg.  It was a big, ugly, Z-shaped cut.  Not a big deal, except I have to wipe my nose every 30 seconds because Jake shared his cold with me.  Copious volumes of snot are flowing from my nostrils, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  So what do you do when you are wearing sterile gloves, and your germ invested snot insists on dripping into the sterile field?  You put a plug in it.  Worked great for about 10 minutes, and then all snot broke loose.  Finished up with a pool of snot wedged between my chin and the mask.  Yum.

ER Snotfest. Put a plug in it!

ER Snotfest. Put a plug in it!

Paul’s Leadman Video

6 04 2013

“Make Friends with Pain, and you will never be alone.” –Ken Chlouber

Paul playing in his front yard

Check out Alchemist Athlete, Paul Hooge.  He rocked the Leadman last year, finishing in the top 10 in a stacked field.  Leadman, for those of you who don’t know, consists of a series of trail races in Leadville, Colorado.   Marathon, 50 mile run or bike, 100 mile bike, 10k run (the day after the 100 mile bike), and finishing with a 100 mile run (the week after the 100 mile bike).  It’s kind of a big deal.

Strong work out there, Paul!

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