Battle the Bear

5 05 2013

max on podium at Battle the Bear

max on podium at Battle the Bear

With another heavy snow fall last week, the Battle the Bear was moved to Sunday.  Of course, I was scheduled to work today.  I sold my soul to trade it.  I’ve been itching to get on the race course. Mainly because I generally race my way into shape, and I already missed the Ridgeline Rampage because of another snow storm.

Noel, Mark R., David, Ken and I rode the marathon (60 miles).  Mike S. and Sean H. rode the half.  Max and Luke rode the Junior race. Conditions were perfect.  It was the stickiest I’ve ever seen it.  Good riding all around with some much needed points picked up. Max took second and represented Alchemist on the podium.

Indian Creek in 2 weeks.  Looks like we’ll field a pretty good sized team for that.  If only I can get out of Pigfest. . .



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5 05 2013

We’ll get you back for Pigfest. Just sign up for clean up. It’s easy after a few margaritas from the margarita machine!

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