Breck Epic Stage 2, Colorado Trail Loop

12 08 2013

Colorado Trail Stage.  See that fang at around 11 miles?  That one hurt.

Colorado Trail Stage. See that fang at around 11 miles? That one hurt.

Aah, what a difference sleep makes.  And Albuterol. And food. And time.

I felt loads better today.  Still at around 70%, but a big improvement from yesterday, which was a uniquely strange and terrible experience.  Today was the Colorado Trail Stage.  Probably the most funnest stage.  Steep climbs and long, flowy descents are the signature features for the course.  Last year, I was soaked and hypothermic, and barely limped home.  I enjoyed none of that ride.  But today was perfect conditions, and my lungs were staring to come back around.  It was also nice to not have to stop for directions, since the course markings were up.  Funny how starting on time with the rest of the field makes for a more productive day.

Mike decided to throw in a couple new sections this year.  A long, bumpy ridge trail, which felt like a rock-strewn tightrope.  And a 17% grade road climb before getting to the fun stuff.  But the sweetness that is the Colorado Trail and Blair Witch Trail makes the grunt worth it.

We made the stage’s podium in third today, picking up about half an hour on the current overall third place team.  We forgot to get a podium shot. My lungs are recovering, so Stuart is only waiting minutes instead of hours for me.  We have about an hour and a half to make up for the overall third spot.  4 more stages to go.  Guyot Loop tomorrow. Over 7K’ climbing.  Better get some rest.

Time to dine!

Time to dine!



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13 08 2013
Paul Hooge

Nice Jeff!

13 08 2013

Good Job Jeff, take care of yourself!!!!!!

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