Sean B. on TV, Marital Bliss at the Firebird, and Flag in a Pink cast

18 05 2014

Sean B. is not only a Team Alchemist rider and ER doc, but he is a TV star.  Check it:

John B. and Michele B. went over to Eagle County to race Mike Mac’s Firebird (for which Alchemist did the T-shirts). What normally would have been a fun, flowy track was turned into a fun, bumpy track by cows that were allowed to graze after the recent snow storm. But no worries, Marital Bliss pulled off another podium finish. Michele finished 2nd in the women’s open SS, and John finished 8th in the amatuer open.

Michele on the Podium

Michele on the Podium


Got the pink cast off on Friday.   Went up Flag to the amphitheater on Wednesday.  Today, went to the top with Lindsey, Ariel, Russ, and Jerry.  Lindsey wouldn’t let me stand on the pedals, so I just crept up in granny.   But it still felt good.

Pink Cast on Flag

Pink Cast on Flag



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18 05 2014

Lookin’ good – all 4 of you!

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