Alchemist Golden Boys

17 11 2014

Team Alchemist Riders and Friends

Team Alchemist Riders and Friends near the top of Chimney Gulch. From left: Don, Blake, Ken, Hunter, Mirek, Jeff, David B., Mike S., Steve.  Not pictured: Darin, who kindly snapped this photo.

Steve and Blake led the latest Team ride down in Golden.  Since we nearly always do our Team rides in Boulder, I thought it would be cool to see what those fellas in Golden ride.  I asked Steve to put together an Epic Ride, and as his style, he did not disappoint.  Here is his description of the ride:

“We went up Chimney Gulch, crossed to Apex, down Apex,  Then over to what I like to call “North Dakota” since it’s North of Dakota Ridge (Jeffco Open space, but not an official trail).

Then up Dakota Ridge at Matthew Winters and down Zorro to Green mountain.  We then just went up Rooney Valley and down “North Access trail” that and came out on 6th and Indiana where we rode to South Table at NREL and skirted around South Table (instead of going up and around and down).  Then we hopped the road at Rolling Hills Country club, went near the Golden Bike park and skipped North Table and took Clear Creek bike path into Golden.  Here is the map:

Steve and David and a Bull Elk

Steve and David and a Bull Elk

Apparently, we cut the ride shorter than planned due to time, though I was on fumes at that point, and I think we were all out of water anyway.   We all hit Cannonball Creek Brewery afterward for craft beer and wood-fired Pizza.  No better way to end a big ride.  Thanks for the great ride, Gents!

Golden Ride

Golden Ride





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