Boulder Triathlon and Winter Park Super Loop » photo

Tyler sporting the new school Alchemist kit with his old school Walt Works Steel ride. His race report: ” I did just get back from WinterPark today after racing the super loop! It was a blast! The Pro Mens field was about 15 or so deep and after a ridiculously fast start we all settled in. I was in a group of about 5 with 5 or so ahead of us. It was cool to work with the guys in my little pack. On the road sections we each took turns pulling and really battled it out on the climbs. Right before the top of the race course, I lost contact with my group and had to descend the rest of the race alone. It was awesome out there today! The weather was amazing, the course was really hard, fast, and technical and in the end I pulled out a 9th place.
Still feeling super humbled to wear the Alchemist kit and get plenty of compliments on it! Thanks again for the support!”. No Tyler, we are humbled, sir.


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