Firecracker 50, Winter Park Rendezvous, and Max at Short Track

31 07 2015

Firecracker 50 has the best start to a race of all time.  If you haven’t done it, or seen it, the race starts on Main Street in Breckenridge, and leads the 4th of July parade through down before heading up Boreas Pass.  As a middle of the pack rider, it is my one chance to feel like a rock star.  Kids line up along the street and high-five you as you speed by.  A little sketchy, yes.  But super fun.  Tyler rode men’s duo in the race.  We had some other duo’s including the Pulleys and Disco and Dice.  Tyler’s race report for the Firecracker and Winter Rendezvous below.



Tyler’s Race report for Firecracker 50: As I am sure you are very aware, Firecracker 50 was last weekend. A friend wanted to race duo male with me which was a great intro to a race I have never done! He started and it was cool to see the race roll out on main street in Breck. My parents and I enjoyed the parade for a little bit before we went over to the finish to watch my team mate come in and so that I could take off. We waited for quite a while and were starting to get a bit worried until we finally saw him coming down the last section above the finish. When he came in he was missing our number plate. He had had a crash right after the start and the number plate had come off in the fall. We got that sorted out so that I could go and I took off shortly thereafter. The course was amazing! I heard rumors about the little frenchy climb and it lived up to its reputation. I almost cleaned except for a couple dabs. Damn! But I had a great time and the fact that they finished us on the jump trail was awesome. At the end of the day, we finished in 9th… Not to bad for a crash and a total newb

image (5)

Today was the Winterpark Renezvous race. What an awesome course! I talked to several other guys and everyone said how much fun they had and how great the course was! The pro field was really big today with around 20 guys starting! The start was crazy because there was only a short double track before the single-track started. I would say that it was important to get a good position but Im not as fast as some of those other guys so I just took my time and got to the trail mid pack. The field started super fast and there was lots of place shuffling. I lost a few spots on the climb and had to wait a while to make them up on the descents. I battled really hard with two other guys. I spent most of the race between them. Trying to catch one and keep one behind. Unfortunately right near the end of the race, I took a wrong turn and the marshall didnt say anything. So I probably lost around 1min and four or five places… I was pretty upset to say the least but the course and racing made up for it!

image (6)



So cool.




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