How to Save a Life

26 06 2016

Once again a great year for the Stone Temple MTB Camp.  But this year was special in another very important way.  Amy D. saved a life.  Literally.

Amy was volunteering for a couple of days at the camp, and thank goodness she did.  As she was heading back to help with an injured rider, she came across one of the camper’s father, who was also volunteering.  He was having chest pain while riding and feeling very sick.  Amy stopped to check on him, and before long he became unconscious.  Amy is a nurse, and I’ve worked with her for years in the ER.  She checked for a pulse, and found none, so she started CPR while another volunteer called 911.  They continued CPR for 20 minutes before a helicopter finally arrived with a defibrillator.  After shocks and medications, they were miraculously able to get a pulse back.  A coronary stent and ICU stay later, and I’m happy to say that Amy’s patient is doing great.  He is back with his family and back to his previous self.  Considering he was dead for 20 minutes, I’d say that’s a pretty good outcome.  If not for Amy’s quick actions and good timing, the story would have been tragic.

Amy, you are a hero.  Thank you for all that you do.


Stone Temple MTB Camp. Amy is sitting at the bottom right of the photo.  

Alchemist Team Updates

2 06 2016

Alchemistas, it’s been too long.  Night shift, while painful, has it’s benefits.  That being forced sleep-deprivation and occasional downtime, which leaves a few spare moments to update the blog.  Loads of updates below.  Cheggitout.



Ryan K. went down to the Growler this past weekend and went Chernobyl. Conditions were ideal (as opposed to last year’s mechanical-sh*tshow mudfest), and Ryan took off an hour from his time last year, finishing in the top 15 in the category in a packed field. Here he is leading a pack of wheel suckers.


image1 (2)

The Growler is known for being one of the toughest races in the business. Ryan makes it look easy.



Punchy climbs, technical (sometimes scary) descents, and beautiful views.



Ryan descending one of the sketchy rock formations in style. Droppers are for sissies!



Easy like a Sunday morning. Way to represent, Ryan!


Heath B. rocking the Team kit in Moab. Sexy time!


Brett T., you need a selfie stick, sir. Brett is a world-class X-terra athlete and mtb'er. Look out for him at X-terra Worlds and Leadville. He is a contender.

Brett T., you need a selfie stick, sir.
Brett is a world-class X-terra athlete and mtb’er. Look out for him at X-terra Worlds and Leadville. He is a top contender, especially at Worlds, where he is looking for a shot at the Title.  Go get em, Brett!


Lindsey went into beast mode at the

Lindsey was in beast mode at the Santa Fe Century last weekend.  Podium shot with the other fast ladies on the Gran Fondo.  Big ups, Lindsey!


image2 (1)

Sporting her freshly minted Wasatch Touring Enduro Jersey. Alchemist hexacool blend and 3/4 sleeves. Wesley has World Champion pedigree (she is Drew’s daughter), and she is blowing up the Enduro scene.



Josh W. testing out the new Team outwear at Buff Creek. The Ether Lite jacket is windproof and water-resistant. Extra rear coverage and sleeve length for 2016 to accommodate you knuckle-draggers out there.



Tara L. killin’ it at Battle the Bear.



This was her first mountain bike race, and she blazed through the fast course like a seasoned racer. Great job out there Tara!



FLR. Flatulence-Loving Rebels? Friday Lunch Ride! Ken, Todd, Herb, and I rolling up the Boulder Creek path to Betasso/Benjamin.





There’s a new Sheriff in Town. Beckett patrolling the mean streets of Crested Butte.






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