How to Save a Life

26 06 2016

Once again a great year for the Stone Temple MTB Camp.  But this year was special in another very important way.  Amy D. saved a life.  Literally.

Amy was volunteering for a couple of days at the camp, and thank goodness she did.  As she was heading back to help with an injured rider, she came across one of the camper’s father, who was also volunteering.  He was having chest pain while riding and feeling very sick.  Amy stopped to check on him, and before long he became unconscious.  Amy is a nurse, and I’ve worked with her for years in the ER.  She checked for a pulse, and found none, so she started CPR while another volunteer called 911.  They continued CPR for 20 minutes before a helicopter finally arrived with a defibrillator.  After shocks and medications, they were miraculously able to get a pulse back.  A coronary stent and ICU stay later, and I’m happy to say that Amy’s patient is doing great.  He is back with his family and back to his previous self.  Considering he was dead for 20 minutes, I’d say that’s a pretty good outcome.  If not for Amy’s quick actions and good timing, the story would have been tragic.

Amy, you are a hero.  Thank you for all that you do.


Stone Temple MTB Camp. Amy is sitting at the bottom right of the photo.  



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26 06 2016
Ken Kreidl

Amazing work Amy!

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